Laura Castleberry :: 2006

    New Year's Eve in Prague

    December 2006

    Luis brought me to Prague to show me where he
    came from, and to celebrate the New Year. What
    a gorgeous and vibrant city. I could really get
    used to this...

    Christmas in Barcelona

    December 2006

    We spent two weeks in beautiful Barcelona for
    Christmas. This was by far, my most romantic
    holiday EVER.


    December 2006

    We took a day trip up into the mountains of Spain
    to see the Montserrat Monastery. Spectacular!

    37th Birthday on Ibiza

    December 2006

    Birthday insanity with my new friends on the island
    of Ibiza. Getting older doesn't seem to have
    slowed me down much...

    Fall on Ibiza

    October/ November 2006

    I took a leave of absence from work to spend
    time with my boyfriend at our beautiful home on
    Ibiza overlooking the mediterranean. I think I
    might actually like this island better when all the
    tourists have gone home. It so peaceful.

    Innsbruck, Austria

    September 2006

    Luis was working in Austria for the month, so I
    went to visit him between work trips. His place
    was in Worgl, but I also spent time in Innsbruck
    and Salzburg.

    Whidbey Island

    August 2006

    I ended my short visit to the US with a trip to
    Whidbey Island to see my family and celebrate
    my fathers birthday.

    Portland, Oregon

    July 2006

    A crazy weekend in Portland, Oregon with Alison,
    Greg, Jimmy and Kristy.

    Southern California

    July 2006

    Alison and I took a road trip to Southern
    California to see her brother and visit my

    Summer on Ibiza

    June/ July 2006

    What an absolutely crazy island this is! I love it! I
    went to Ibiza for a short party holiday, and ended
    up staying... thanks to a certain Czech boy. This
    could get interesting. Stay tuned...

    London, England

    June 2006

    Crazy trip to London with Thomas on our way to

    540 Club Prom Night

    June 2006

    The annual 540 Club Prom night. This years
    theme was Glam Metal. Everyone went all out on
    their costumes this year!

    Bay to Breakers

    June 2006

    San Franciso's infamous Bay to Breakers Race!
    Our costume theme was wigs and wings. The
    race fell on Erin's birthday this year, so all the
    ladies joined in the fun.

    Cynthia, Richie and I flew down to Los Angeles to
    see our friends the Lucky Stiffs play a show. We
    stayed at the very trendy Standard on Sunset Blvd.
    I also got to see my best friend Michael while I
    was there.

    The annual Catholic School Karaoke night at the
    540 Club. This year was the craziest so far.
    Especially the after party! We ended the night with
    a sunrise trip to the Hearth.

    One of our theme nights where we pick the
    destination out of one jar, and the dress code out
    of another.  Tonight was karaoke at the Mint, while
    wearing stripes.

    San Francisco

    February 2006

    Spending time at home in the Richmond district
    with my roommate Steven.

    Kuwait & Germany

    February 2006

    This year, I seem to be stuck in the endless cylce
    of Germany and Kuwait trips for work. Good thing I
    happen to love both these places.

    A Day at the Office

    January 2006

    The most frequently asked question I get is
    'What do you do for a living?' Well, here is a hint.

    Happy New Year

    January 2006

    Happy New Year everyone! I have a feeling this
    should prove to be an interesting year!