Laura Castleberry :: 2007

    San Francisco Favorites


    My annual 'San Francisco Faces and Places'
    album. We sure had some good times this year!  

    Lisa's Wedding

    December 2007

    My little sister got married!! I was the maid of
    honor at her cruiseship wedding to Jason
    Schwartz. Every relative made it to the ceremony
    and 29 of us stayed on for the cruise. It was a 7
    day wedding reception!

    Jamaica Mon

    December 2007

    While the rest of the family climbed Dunns River
    Falls, my father and I spent some quality time
    drinking Red Stripe Beer.

    My Birthday

    December 2007

    My friends threw me an awesome birthday party at
    the 540 Club, then we headed over to Annie's to
    see Slowfinger play.


    December 2007

    I spent a couple of days touring the city with my
    friend Thomas' boyfriend Kevin from Australia. It's
    the first time I'd been to Acatraz in ages.

    Miki's Birthday

    December 2007

    Miki turned 30! Ken was playing that night at
    Moose's, so the gang all headed there. These
    pics include a funny recreation of the Last Super.

    Trad'r Sam

    November 2007

    Another debaucherous evening at Trad'r Sam
    with the 540 gang. Just looking at these pics
    gives me a hangover...

    Las Vegas

    November 2007

    Lisa's Bridal Shower in Las Vegas.

    Munich, Germany

    October 2007

    Luis and I met up to spend the weekend in
    Munich, Germany. It was the first time I'd seen
    him in awhile. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed

    Baker Beach

    October 2007

    Jeff and I spent a beautiful fall day at Baker Beach,
    which is just a couple blocks from my house.
    Unfortunately, the ugly naked men that frequent
    the beach were also out that day...

    Alamo Square

    October 2007

    Jason and Rita joined me for a photo-op at
    Alamo Square. You know, that place in the
    opening credits for Full House...

    Mission Murals

    October 2007

    Jeff and Jason are my favorite models for all
    things San Francisco. Here they are on a trip to
    check out the Mission Murals.

    Jason cracks me up.

    My hood.

    The annual Big Lebowski party fell on Richie and
    Jamie's birthday this year. As tradition, we
    screened the movie at the 540 Club, then headed
    over to Presidio Bowl for a little bowling. Jill's
    costume was by far the best!

    Trad'r Sam

    October 2007

    Ahhh, scorpion bowls... They're deadly.

    A five day European road trip with my friend Rob.
    We started here in Nuremberg, Germany.

    Next, we drove south to the German/ Austrian
    border. The view from up in the mountains was

    I have wanted to visit Neuschwanstein Castle
    ever since I was a little girl and found out that
    Sleeping Beauty's Castle was based on this real
    castle in Bavaria.

    Next, we drove through the Czech Republic and
    ended up in Prague. The weather was so much
    nicer than when I was living here in winter!

    Los Angeles

    August 2007

    I had a chance to see Michael while I was in Los
    Angeles. My very best friend in the whole wide

    Incredibly Strange Wrestling

    August 2007

    El Pollo Diablo vs. Macho Sasquatcho. Incredibly
    Strange Wrestling at the DNA Lounge is not
    something to be missed. Mexican style wrestling,
    punk bands, crazy costumes and thousands of
    tortillas being thrown across the ring by crazed
    fans = Awesome.

    Two of our very favorite people got married...
    Brookley and Andy Bigart. The ceremony was
    beautiful, and the reception legendary.

    We all piled into a school bus (a short bus) and
    headed out to Phone Company Park for a Giants
    game against the Dodgers. Honestly, I don't
    remember who won, but it was a fun day.


    July 2007

    24 hours in London with Kirk = drunken
    debauchery and good times.


    July 2007

    We saw 43 kangaroos on this trip and one Koala
    bear... all dead on the side of the highway.

    The Elvis Art Show was up for awhile at the 540
    Club, and I convinced my friends to pose with the
    paintings whenever I was there.

    The annual 540 Club Prom. This year's theme
    was Pretty in Pink.

    My first trip to Guam and it rained the entire time I
    was there... but it was still fun.


    May 2007

    I went to Hawaii to visit with Jeff on my way home
    from Guam. We dug a hole to hell and made sand
    castles while drinking beer at the beach. The

    Adana, Turkey

    April 2007

    More pictures of the Sabenci Mosque in Adana...

    Larnaca, Cyprus

    April 2007

    Yikes, I'm hella skinny here. This photo was taken
    in Larnaca a couple months after I got that stupid
    parasiste that kicked my ass for the rest of the

    Catholic School Karaoke

    March 2007

    The annual Catholic School Karaoke Party at the
    540 Club. Girls in Catholic School mini skirts,
    boys dressed as nuns and priests,  karaoke
    rockstars... What more could you ask for on a
    Saturday night?

    New Year in Prague

    January 2007

    I spent the New Year with Alois at our apartment
    in Prague. I love it, but it is so friggin' cold this time
    of year!