Laura Castleberry :: 2008

    Kutná Hora

    January 2008

    Kostnice Ossuary (The Bone Church) in Kutná
    Hora is a bizarre place decorated entirely with
    human bones arranged into pyramids by a half-
    blind monk in 1511. The church is said to contain
    the remains of over 40,000 plague victims.

    Costa Rica

    February 2008

    This was one of the best trips I have ever taken.
    We drove the hell out of this country! From the
    east coast to the west coast, and everywhere in
    between. Costa Rica is such spectacular and
    beautiful place. I would love to move here one
    day... if I could just get over my fear of spiders.

    Cirkus Alex

    Spring/Summer 2008

    Not everyone can say their boyfriend ran off and
    joined a traveling gypsy circus, but I can! Alois
    joined the circus as a repair man, but quickly
    became both performer and Lion Keeper. How
    crazy is that?! I spent all of my days off joining him
    at various stops throughout Slovakia. It's an
    experience I will never forget for the rest of my life!!!

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    April 2008

    The conditions in the circus caravan were less
    than ideal for personal hygiene, let alone
    romantic evenings. I rented an apartment in
    Bratislava so we could have hot showers, home
    cooked meals, and sheets that didn't smell like
    lions and elephants!

    Whidbey Island

    May 2008

    I spent a fantastic week with my folks at their
    house on Whidbey Island. I just don't get to see
    enough of these two.

    540 Club Prom

    June 2008

    I've hardly been in San Francisco at all this year,
    but I did make it home in time for the annual 540
    Club Prom. This year's theme was 'Enchantment
    Under the Sea'.

    Frankfurt, Germany

    June 2008

    Frankfurt has become my unoffical home base in
    Europe. I stay here whenever I am too tired to fly
    back to California in between work trips and my
    visits with Luis. It might be time to get another
    apartment in Europe.

    Vienna, Austria

    July 2008

    I had a couple of days to kill while waiting for Luis
    and the circus to get to their next stop, so I
    decided to spend them in Vienna. I had never
    been here before, so I spent my time playing
    tourist and taking in all the sites. Beautiful city.

    Trencin, Slovakia

    July 2008

    I arrived in Trencin about an hour before the circus
    came to town. It was very interesting watching
    them set the whole thing up from start to finish.
    On my last day in town, Luis proposed to me
    underneath the Castle here. It was the happiest
    day of my life...

    Praha, Czech Republic

    Summer/ Fall 2008

    Luis and I packed up and moved to Prague for the
    second time in two years. We got a cute little
    apartment in the city center next to Namesti Miru. I
    absolutely adore it! I love this city. I love this man.
    What more could I possibly ask for?

    Ramadan in Bahrain

    September 2008

    I spent most of my week in Bahrain waiting for the
    sun to go down. I have no problem fasting during
    Ramadan, but I do find it quite difficult to go an
    entire day without smoking. The evenings here
    were awesome with all of the holiday celebrations.


    September 2008

    Another very brief trip to Thailand. There was just
    enough time to hang out by the pool, get a
    massage, do a little sightseeing, and have a
    delicious dinner. Not too shabby.

    Acadia National Park

    October 2008

    This was a beautiful fall day in Maine where the
    leaves were still changing color. We spent the day
    roaming around Acadia National Park, then had a
    nice lobster dinner in Bar Harbor.

    Garden Of the Gods

    October 2008

    The summit of Pike's Peak was closed due to
    weather, so we drove to Garden of the Gods
    instead. Spectacular. Afterwards we went to the
    Anasazi Cliff Dwellings and Manitou Springs.
    Trying to find all of the springs in Manitou was like
    a little scavenger hunt.

    Cruising the streets of Kuwait and checking out
    the wares at the various souks. I took my annual
    picture with the crusty old date merchant. For the
    first time since I've been coming here, I think he
    actually smiled.


    October 23, 2008

    I don't think I will ever quite get over the shock and
    agony of having the love of my life simply
    disappear without a trace. The day I realized that
    Alois wasn't coming home was the absolute
    worst day of my life.

    Goodbye Praha...

    November 2008

    After much agonizing, I decided that I can no
    longer stay in the apartment I shared with Luis.  
    So, goodbye for now beautiful Prague.  I promise
    that I will be back one day.

    Hello San Francisco...

    November 2008

    When I finally returned to San Francisco, my
    mother and sister were both waiting for me at the
    airport. I am so grateful to have such supportive
    family and friends. They remind me just how lucky
    I am after all.


    December 2008

    This wacky San Francisco event happened to fall
    on my birthday this year. Alison and I put on our
    best homemade Santa Claus outfits and joined
    the other 3,000 Santas for a day of merriment and
    mischief making...

    Happy Holidays

    December 2008

    I would have to say that this year was 80%
    awesome and 20% shit. Not bad, when you think
    about it. The worst of it is here at the end, but not
    even missing fiancés, health problems or
    financial ruin can keep this girl down for long. I
    am optimistic about 2009. Bring it on.