Lake Chabot

January 2011

Fishing at Lake Chabot with Conrow.
We froze our asses off and didn't catch
any fish, but it was a great day.
Catholic School Karaoke

March 2011

The 8th annual Catholic School
Karaoke bash at the 540 Club. Where
else can you find priests, nuns, and
Catholic schoolgirls belting out Black
Sabbath songs?

April 2011

My nephew Justin was born April 3,
2011 at 3:00pm. My sister is going to
be the best mother! I'm so excited to
finally be an Aunt!
Big Wheel Races

April 2011

The 11th annual Bring Your Own Big
Wheel race down the steep curves of
Potrero Hill.  Five of my friends rode in
the race this year. What a blast.

May 2011

Amazing Mekong Delta adventure with
Conrow. The rice fields, canals and
floating markets of My Tho, Ben Tre,
and Can Tho were truly incredible.

May 2011

Partied in Phnom Penh, braved the
Bamboo train in Battambang, and
temple trekked at Angkor Wat. What
an amazing and beautiful country.
Stanislaus National Forest

June 2011

Two days fishing and hiking in the
Stanislaus National Forest with
Conrow.  A little slice of heaven.
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

June 2011

A couple of days goofing around town
with my friend Stace in Bishkek,
Stanislaus River

July 2011

Camping with Conrow for three nights
at the Stanislaus River Campground.
This place is absolutely breathtaking.
And I finally caught a fish!
Whidbey Island

September 2011

Family time at my folks place! I am
truly blessed to have such wonderful
people as my family :)
San Francisco

September 2011

Beautiful fall days in San Francisco and
Santa Cruz, as well as some
miscellaneous photos taken around
town throughout the year.
New York City

October 2011

Six fantastic days in New York City to
celebrate Joshua's birthday and
Halloween. We got to spend some
quality time with his Grandpa and my
old friends from SF too!

December 2011

Once again, drunken Santas take to
the streets of San Francisco to
spread a little holiday cheer. How
else would I spend my birthday?
Goodbye World

2002 - 2012

The past ten years have been one
hell of an adventure, thanks to a little
airline that no one has ever heard of.
I'm going to miss you World :)
Laura Castleberry :: 2011