Goodbye World

January 2012

These past ten years have been one
wild ride that I hoped would never end.
Thanks for all the memories World.
We're going to miss you.

February 2012

ying to figure out what to do with
the next chapter of my life is no easy
task, but it is kind of nice to be in one
place for a change.
Catholic School Karaoke

March 2012

The 9th annual Catholic School Karaoke
bash at the 540 Club. Where else can
you find priests, nuns, and Catholic
schoolgirls singing Bohemian Rhapsody
at the top of their lungs?
Peru - The Amazon

April 2012

Another amazing adventure with Conrow
that included: waterfalls, record floods,
an insane four day ride on a cattle boat,
Piranha fishing in the Amazon River, baby
sloths, and a Yaguas village.
Peru - The Andes

May 2012

Inca ruins, salt flats, horseback riding,
Josh's family, colonial churches, llamas,
train trips... and more Inca ruins.
Visits with ma familia

June 2012

Of all the truly spectacular things I've
witnessed around the globe, watching
my nephew learn to walk this week
has to be one of my favorites :)
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Summer in the City

August 2012

Emerald Bay
South Lake Tahoe

October 2012

Lake Chabot

October 2012

December 2012

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
New Year's Eve

December 2012
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Goodbye 2012


Laura Castleberry :: 2012