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San Jose to Puerto Viejo

We spent our first night in San Jose at a bar with a colorful cast of characters.

The next morning we set off for the Carribbean and Puerto Viejo. Cynthia already looks frightened of Stephens driving.

We were going to stop for lunch in Limon, but it turns out that place is a shithole. We ate at a roadside soda instead.

Our first taste of Casado. Yum.

Stephen checking out the local flora.

Arriving in Puerto Viejo just before sunset.

We checked into a place with the delightful name Cabinas Larry.

Then we went drinking.

The Costa Rican Spanish phrase book was quite useful.

Dinner at Coco Cielo.

The Marlin was delicious.


The next morning we discovered Cafe Rico.

Otherwise known as Collidial Silver Conspiracy Theory Cafe.

Those are NOT leaves...

The Carribbean.

A morning spent frolicking on the beach. Well, maybe not frolicking.

Rasta mon

Cabinas Larry

Sloth Rescue Center

Three toed Sloth

Baby Sloths

Do you know why sloths have 4 stomachs Miki? Do you?

Canoe ride in the jungle



Giant Leaf-Cutter Ants

River of glass

Another taste of local cuisine. Pargo and fried plantains.

"Helllooooo Ladies"

Stephen does not look happy to be awake for the sunrise. Probably because we missed it.

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