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Trad'r Sams...the sequel

Comments courtesy of Mr. Alex Ryan

This is best picture of a Bud Lite bottle I've ever seen. And, oh, there's some people in it too.

Where did the bottle go? Who are these fucks?

Triple cherry threat takes over Trad'r Sams.

Money shot!

Can we get some paper umbrellas over here, or what?

"Hey, everbody!" "Hey, Dr. Bill!"

The power of her thoughts is keeping the umbrella aloft. Thank goodness it's light umbrella.

Remember this face, you'll be seeing it often.

Not as romantic as it seems. they actually fist fought after this drink. Then had angry make-up sex. I guess that's romantic, right?

The bowl is actually sucking Nate's face in.

Please Ken, I said no black people.

Holy fuck, we love beer!

I told you you'ld see this face again.

Too sexy for words, but imaginations run rampant. (fap fap!)

Guess which one is Tweedledumber.

Moment of impact: Girl injured by drunken umbrella mishap. News at 11, hangover at 11:30.

Oooh, girl, I love you so. Never, ever gonna let you go.

Reinforcing Asian sterrotypes since 1991.

Damn you round-eye! You be here four hour, you scare my wife!

Just plain drunk.

Nate: the next John Madden.

Who's the debonair, dashing young man? Why I think it's Bill. Then again, I've been clinically proven insane.

"Oh" face.

Here we go again with the face.

This is the most action this bowl has seen in awhile.

All I can think of is porn right now, you?

Did you read my last comment? Take that plus 20!

No means no, bitches! (unless you bring me another Scorpion bowl!)

Scorpion bowl has arrived, time for the fucking (drunk).

Oh, now were talking. This girl is doing her famous drunk "Holding hands in a precarious manner impersonation." Actually, it's pretty lame, she fails.

If only it were snowing out.

Miami Vice anyone?

Missing: Brian from the 540. Last seen: Drinking a Scorpion Bowl at Trader Sam with not too trustworthy (slightly drunk) Japanese woman.

Also wanted for questioning.

Jeff is sad. He has no straws to make him happy. Sad, pathetic Jeff.

I am the straw king, I can do anyhting!

Gang signs? What gang is this? The Clement Street Regulars? Word.

And the straws march on to destiny.

Can you see a trend in these pics? It's pretty sublte.

He was only this big!

This is my prison face. It saved me from even more embarressment, I assure you. (Soap=don't drop)

Standard issure "Friends Drinking" picture #4756

Can you guess which one is Tweedledrunker? I didn't think so.


The glasses may make him look smarter, but the cops didn't believe it either.

I love this jam!!!

OMG! I shouldn't operating heavy machinery? Good to know! Thanks beer bottle!

I'm just laughing at that face!

Have you seen a green olive? Look into my eyes and see my pimentos.

Steve flies in on his magic umbrella-hat to save the day....

just to be promptly choked to death by the silent, but deadly, blackgloved assassin.

A two for one sale on death, act now!

Bitch Gonna Die!

Nate tried to buy her a drink. Never, ever, buy this woman a drink.

Sleeper hold! Seriously, has anyone seen this guy? We're still looking for him.

And then they moved to Vermont and got married. Strange world, huh?

See, I told you things work out in the end.

"I'm totally gonna fuck this guy." Um, Miki, there's no one there.

This picture is too awesome for words, but: Nate held on to the pole that he loved for dear life, all the while the ship was sinking.

It's booze-thirty on the drunk o'clock!

This guy owns a bar -- believe it.

How many more of these pics do you need to see. I swear, they must have cornered the market on Scorpion Bowls... And hang-overs.

OBEY the straw.

Tongue handshakes are the new grey.

Chomp! I love brains!

Bill steels a bus stop sign, enlists local drunk guy for presentation.

Charlie's Angels part four: The Drunk Stance.

Awww .. too sweet for sarcasm

I don't know what's better about his picture. Steve's sporty hat, his jaunty red shirt, or his complete and utter lack of sobriety. Who can choose?

Now that's just gay.

Nate wakes up wondering what the pretty lady who gave him a hickie looked like. Don't tell him it was Jason.

Tongue handshakes, remember?

You just have to know him for this to befunny.

GO! GO! GO! Time to black out and erase more painful memories!

Again? I get it -- you drink. A lot.

See previous conmment.

Jesus ...

High Five Nate!!!!! (Please do not high five computer screen. He can't see you.)

Krista practices for the hooker olympics by trying to suck a cherry through astraw. Go Krista!

Brian is also training for the hooker olympics. He and Krista are adversaries, don't you know?

Aww, this is what happens when Jason drinks. This also happens when Jason eats, has some coffee, watches TV, or just about anything else.


Not so subtlely telling you to fuck off.

Uh oh, could this be a new trend in FACE?

Another face? Laura, what's happend to you? You've changed.

Cnytnia is having a slight bowl problem at the moment, therefore making her unable to take part in Scorpion Bowl #253.

Back on the horse Cynthia!!!

I love this guy! No,really, I just fucked him in the bathroom.Did I say that out loud? SHit.

Can I show you where the bathroom is? NO? Well, okay.

His balls were this fucking big, I swear! I had the hardest time getting them into my mouth.

Last call is the hardest part of a boozers day.









































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